Separating technology development from product development

Technology and product development have different talent requirements, timelines, costs, and cultures. We created an efficient model to accommodate these differences. Replay owns and develops core platform technologies, which are developed in a disease area agnostic manner. When we identify a product opportunity that can be addressed by one or more of our platforms, a product company is incorporated with a defined focus in that area.


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Delivering big DNA

HSV is capable of delivering up to 30x the payload of AAV. We can deliver big genes, genomic genes, and multiple genes, unlocking the promise of polygenic medicine.

HSV: 150kb vs. AVV: 4.8kb
HSV: 150kb vs. AVV: 4.8kb
HSV: 150kb vs. AAV: 5kb

Delivering big DNA

83% of genes are too big for AAV


Immune silencing technology

uCell™ is an immune silencing technology that enables iPSCs to be used as a renewable source for cell therapies. This substantially reduces the cost of goods associated with patient- or pooled donor-derived cells, improves product consistency and volume, and enables extensive genome engineering.

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