Elizabeth Vink
Scientist II

    Liz is a Scientist II at Replay. She is a microbiologist interested in understanding how viruses capture and control cellular machinery during infection. As a scientist in Replay’s synthetic biology team, she wants to exploit the natural tendency of viruses to orchestrate cellular processes to help design and implement improved gene therapy vectors.

    Liz brings to Replay her strong background in microbiology, genetics, and molecular biology. As an undergraduate researcher, she studied the unfolded protein response in Dr. Randal Kaufman’s laboratory at the University of Michigan. Earning her doctoral degree in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick Hearing at Stony Brook University, Liz’s graduate studies focused on adenovirus-host cell interactions. Supported in part by an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship, she then changed her focus to herpesviruses in Dr. Ian Mohr’s laboratory at New York University. Here, she characterized novel ways herpes simplex virus 1 overcomes stress to enforce virus protein synthesis.

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